CMS Blotter Ltd is the culmination of nearly 40 man years of mechanical and production engineering experience.
Ian Perkins the founder of the company started our as a service technician working on John Deere Agricultural machinery with all the various facets of engineering that entails, i.e. working on petrol diesel and electrical motors plus various mechanical, automatic, hydraulic and hydro static transmissions. Plus all kinds of mechanical, hydraulic and friction drive systems.
It is of no surprise that he ended up running a busy and successful ground-care machinery workshop in the home counties were he built his reputation for exemplary customer service. He soon branched out on his own into the realm of contract maintenance and supporting contract leases which was in its infancy at that time.
Having built many contacts in the sports turf industry and acquiring many blue chip clients he encountered his first water removal system some 20 years ago and ultimately became responsible for its upkeep and consequent upgrading as parts and service became difficult to find, ultimately it lead to requirements for new machines that met the newly imposed (European Union safety conformance) CE marking scheme and the first Blotter was born.
This has branched out over time into a number of models and various options made to meet customer demand.
Some 5 years ago the Mini Blotter came into being as a solution for some of his clients with less intensive needs.
Ian heads a small team of dedicated professionals who service and build new machines to the customers requirements from a centrally based home counties premises close to both the M40 and M1 national transport links.
Toby met Ian as a young apprentice and still supports Ian in his day to day build and design work as well as providing most of the rapid on site support for the Blotter range.
He is still not quite sure what happened but when asked how long he has been working with Ian he shakes his head and quotes “a while now”, he is an invaluable member of the team.